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Welcome to

America’s Wellness Clinic

and, welcome to an American reality

Two of the greatest concerns that most Americans have, especially as they grow older, are…

Their HEALTH & Their


America’s Wellness Clinic is a network of clinics dedicated in providing sensible Healthcare solutions and practical wealth building strategies to Americans everywhere.  


Hip Pain 2.png

Hip Pain

Ankle pain 1.PNG

Ankle Pain

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Neurological  Disorders

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  • Sore Muscles/Joints

  • Low Energy? Depression?

  • Toxicity Issues?

  • Sleep Disorders?

  • Sports or Work Injuries?

  • Obesity?

  • Backaches?

  • Gout?

  • Vertigo?

  • Dizziness?

Financial Services

  • Reverse Mortgages

  • Insurance

  • Credit Repair Service

  • Accelerated Debt Payoff

  • Turn key Real Estate