Cancer Screening




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What is Genetic Testing for Cancer Risk?

Predictive testing that can help predict the likelihood that an individual will develop cancer in his or her lifetime

Not everyone with a cancer-related gene will develop cancer

Not having a cancer-related gene does not mean someone will not develop cancer

Why Genetic Testing for Cancer Risk is so important…

Screenings can help prevent cancer or detect it earlier.

Patients who have or had cancer caused by a genetic mutation are at significant risk for another related cancer

Family members of patients with cancer are at a higher risk for developing a related cancer

Preventing Cancer is a much better than being treated for cancer

Catching Cancer Early is Critical

Who may be at risk for developing hereditary cancer and who should be tested? 
What criteria determine Medical Necessity?
People with Personal history of cancer

People with a family member who tested positive for a BRCA mutation

People with a Family history of cancer: Combination of 1, 2 or 3 Family members on the same side of the family with a related cancer (Depending on type cancer and age)
Covered by Most Insurances


Cancer screening is looking for cancer before a person has any symptoms.

Screening tests can help find cancer at an early stage, before symptoms appear. When abnormal tissue or cancer is found early, it may be easier to treat or cure. By the time symptoms appear, the cancer may have grown and spread. This can make the cancer harder to treat or cure.
It is important to remember that when your doctor suggests a screening test, it does not always mean he or she thinks you have cancer. Screening tests are done when you have no cancer symptoms.

Genetic tests: Tests that look for certain gene mutations (changes) that are linked to some types of cancer.

Which cancers does PrevenTest  screen for?

  • Breast Cancer

  • Ovarian Cancer

  • Colorectal Cancer

  • Endometrial Cancer

  • Pancreatic Cancer

  • Prostate Cancer

  • Gastric Cancer

  • Skin Cancer