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Real Results: The L.E.D. Fast Facial Mask

The Fast Facial Mask is one of retro co.’s most effective and most efficient weapon in the dramatic fight against aging skin. Also known as L.E.D. (Love Every Day), this collagen-building and elastin-strengthening red light facial mask is clinically tested to visibly reduce the signs of aging in just 15 minutes every day.

The Challenge: We’re Not Getting Any Younger

Skin is the largest organ of the human body and is made up of two layers, the epidermis (or the outer layer) and the dermis (or the inner layer). The epidermis is further divided into the stratum corneum (keratinised layer) that acts as the main barrier and four other cell layers which regenerate over about 28 days.

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As we age, cell turnover in the epidermis becomes sluggish. In particular
the strata corneum loses lipids and moisture, making the skin look dull. 
The dermis thins out, losing collagen and elastin. Blood vessels become
damaged, resulting in visible broken capillaries, and uneven pigmentation
can occur. External factors, for example pollution, sun damage, consuming
 sugar and alcohol, smoking, all accelerate skin aging. These factors cause
damage to cells, triggering wrinkles and decreasing the natural ability of
skin to repair itself.

The first signs of visible aging are fine lines, which start to form especially when the skin is dehydrated. Over time, skin thins in the upper face causing a dull, lackluster appearance.

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In the midface, most people notice the flattening of their cheeks due to concurrent shrinking of the deep malar (cheek) fat pads. Dark circles also look deeper, partially due to thinning skin and pigmentation changes. In the lower, submalar region of the face (area below the apples of the cheeks), laugh lines (nasolabial folds) are of particular concern. This is partially due to excess skin draping down over the ligament (tissue anchors) from fat loss in the cheeks. Similarly, excess skin draping down from the jowls worsen marionette lines, extending down from the corners of the mouth. The lip themselves also lose volume, and in smokers or those prone to puckering their lips, fine perioral lines can form.

The Solution: FDA Cleared, proven L.E.D. Light Therapy

Retro co. brings the first, patents-pending, full-facial red-light LED mask that is designed to last a lifetime and is FDA cleared to treat wrinkles. Follow our treatment guide and you can expect to see results in just a few weeks. No need to make a trip to the dermatologist, no more large spa bills and no appointments necessary, you will get results at home, in the comfort of your own private retreat, in just a fraction of the time that it takes to get to and from the spa.

The Fast Facial Mask stimulates skin through infrared and red LED technology. Infrared light, invisible to the naked eye, penetrates deeper than any other color in the spectrum. Infrared light combats the signs of aging, replenishes dermal and epidermal cells, stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin. Red light has the ability to reach deep layers of the skin, rejuvenating and stimulating cellular repair and increasing circulation to promote a more vibrant and youthful complexion. Red and infrared LED lights work synergistically to deliver full-face, optimal skin rejuvenation with the Fast Facial Mask.

The results you’ll see are significant and proven. Unlike other treatments, the results achieved with your Fast Facial Mask will be noticeable and will endure, lasting weeks and months and only requiring occasional maintenance treatments. Fast and easy, you’ll get all these results in just 15 minutes a day! Facial mask eliminates wrinkles!

Enhance Results with Hydrating and Repairing Serums

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Using the Fast Facial Mask with Vitamin C-rich Overnight Renewing Serum and Hydrating Firming Serum, as directed, can help you to maximize the results of your treatment. The Hydrating Firming Serum uses Hyaluronic as a humectant, or a molecule that attracts/binds water up to 1000 times its own body weight helping to trap moisture and plump up the skin. Overnight Renewing Serum, containing vitamin-c and natural Retinol, helps to brighten your complexion.  Used together in your skincare regimen, these products promote younger, brighter and healthier looking skin.

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