The Opioid Epidemic And How We Are Stopping It In Lakewood Colorado

Hi, my name is Jeff Claflin, here at America's Wellness Clinic. I want to talk to you a little bit about opioid addiction. It's at an epidemic level here in the United States, maybe other parts of the world too. Here, it's taking over so many people's enjoyment of life, to where they don't know what their life was like before and the enjoyment level has gone way down. When opioid drugs that you're using just to numb the pain, doesn't even take it away anymore, I think you'll relate to that, is so necessary that you wonder, could you ever be off of it, off of the drugs?

Well, I'm here to tell you that you can. Through the ARP Wave device, it's a class two medical device approved by the FDA, we call it a time machine. It'll take you back to before you had to be addicted to the drugs to solve the pain problem. That's what we do. We'll eliminate the pain from the neurological origin in your body, to where you don't have the physiological symptom anymore, and to find new areas of your life that you can enjoy again, without having to be with all of the medication, all the drugs. We know it takes part of your life. You know that it takes enjoyment from your life, things that you cannot do anymore, time that you cannot have with your family or enjoy out in nature because of the effects that the opioids have on your system.

For you to be able to come in, find pain relief not drug-related that can solve the problem with the opioids, allow you to come off of them and have a new life experience. This time machine can give you your life back. Opioids, it's even worse than that because they are life-threatening. Opioid addiction can take your life and it's taking valuable life exposure right now. With the ARP Wave we'll get rid of your pain so that you will never need opioids again. Come see me, Jeff Claflin at America's Wellness Clinic.

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Terry Baker