Stress? It it all just too much? It could be your quality of sleep.


Have you noticed yourself being irritable and short-tempered and just triggered by your boss, you kids, other events in your life? It could be that you're not getting good quality of sleep.

Do you find yourself running, running, running and just crashing at night, without what I call a sleep routine, calming down, relaxing and going to sleep?

You know that you're not getting enough sleep. The quality of your sleep is detrimental to your health and your relationships and everything in your life. Why is quality sleep important? Because that's where we rejuvenate, that's were our cells repair, is in the deep sleep. And here's the thing, pills can't help us to get there.

What helps us to get there is deep relaxation and that's what I provide at American's Wellness Clinic. When we work together, I'm going to teach you ways to relax and get quality sleep.

I'm Jackie Cole at America's Wellness Clinic. Come down and let me help you to restore your quality of sleep, you're quality of life and your health.

Pick up the phone and call us at: 303-985-4604 and let us improve your quality of SLEEP.