The ARPwave And Your Health And Wellness In Lakewood Colorado

From the time we're born, we start engaging with life. At the first time we have an accident, an injury, by the time that we start living, we start engaging life in a way that many times can cause injuries. All of those injuries, unless they're dealt with at the time, will continue to stay with you. So, our muscles naturally in a healthy state will expand and contract and support our joints and our body exactly the way they're designed to.

A healthy muscle will absorb all the forces that come into your body, much like a shock absorber does for a car. For an example, if you had your car and you were going to take a trip across the country, you decided to save your shock absorber, you took them off your car, you'd get halfway across the country, your car would be destroyed and you would have a terrible ride.

Same way that your muscles do for your body. They provide the shock absorber system for all of your joints. Once they get injured and turn off, because that's what they'll do to protect themselves, your joints are then allowed to absorb all this force that they're not designed to and therefore we end up with pain, town cartilages, and discomfort, and your muscles won't contract at that point. And after stress is introduced, they won't be able to relax. We use massage therapy, for example, on a normal basis. So that we say, okay, that's going to strengthen our muscles.

But once there's an injury, unless that injury is taken care of, it won't completely relax. The muscles need to be able to respond quickly, as the courses of life. So, with the ARPwave device, it's a class two FDA approved medical device, what it does is it resets the computer of your muscles. For example, you had a computer that went blue screen. And you say, well, what I have to do is shut it off, reset it, turn it back on and it's fine. Basically the same way your muscles work.

We can reset your neurological system so that your muscles turn on. But we still have to go through the process of eliminating the injury that was there. In that process, we'll connect the placement pads on your body and allow the electrical stimulus to contract concentrically, which is tightening, the muscles, and contract it decentrically, which is expanding the muscle to it's full length. Up to 500 times per second. As any human being, even an elite athlete, we can only contract the muscles at two to three times per second. When you're doing it at 500 times a second, it brings in new motion for the muscle, new nutrients, new oxygen, it allows the muscles to turn on and learn how to support the joints that take away the force that's been applied to the joints. And, in that process, you receive pain relief.

So, if you have had injuries and your muscles have been allowed to contract and not expand, not release the injury, come to us here at America's Wellness Clinic, we'll apply the time machine we call the ARPwave to your body, reset you back to before the injury, and you'll have complete health. My name is Jeff Claflin, I'll see you at America's Wellness Clinic.


Pick up the phone and call us at: 303-985-4604 and let us improve your quality of LIFE using the ARPwave.

Terry Baker