We Can Help Your Fibromyalgia In Lakewood, Colorado

I'm Dr. Marty, America's Wellness Clinic. I'm a chiropractor. Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia's the big thing nowadays. Everybody knows, fibromyalgia, you just hurt everywhere. They say fibromyalgia is the cause of overactive nerves. Well, who do you want to go see when you have overactive nerve? You want to go see a chiropractor. That's what we do. We work with nerves.

We can work with your fibromyalgia from a musculoskeletal standpoint. We can adjust you, we can give you stretches, sometimes we can even send you to a massage therapist. Or, in my case, we could do two things. We can do it from a chiropractic standpoint of view, musculoskeletal problems, and nutrition. You always have to work with each individual person. Some people, chiropractic may work perfect. Some people, nutrition may work perfect. Some people, yeah, you got to combine those. 

I work with fibromyalgia, and I get great results. Come see me at America's Wellness Clinic.

Terry Baker