A 3 Minute Chiropractor | Lakewood, Colorado

Hi, I'm Dr Marty Kuhls. I have an officer here at America's Wellness Clinic, and I just wanted to talk to you about three minute chiropractors.

What's a three minute chiropractor? I've gone to many Practice Management seminars that have tried to teach me, and insist that if I spend more than three minutes with a patient, that I'm losing money. I find that kind of criminal. When you come see me, we will take as much time as it needs to find out what your problem is, and how to fix it, and how to fix it together. You come see me, you're not gonna see a three minute chiropractor. You'll most likely get tired of seeing me but we'll find out what's wrong with you, and we'll make sure that your future is better. Come see me at America's Wellness Clinic. I'm Dr Marty.

Terry Baker