All About Carpel Tunnel Syndrome by Dr. Marty in Lakewood, Colorado.

Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome or do you just have pain in your wrist from repetitive motion? Maybe painting or tennis or something like that. Well, I see a lot of people who have carpal tunnel and they're scheduled for surgery, they're taking medications. I've seen people who've had surgery and they still don't have the relief that they sought.

My name is Jackie Cole and I'm a massage therapist at America's Wellness Clinic. Massage can help to relieve the pain of carpal tunnel, it can actually help to reverse the condition. Carpal tunnel is created with the carpal ligament puts pressure on the median nerve and restricts blood flow and creates pain. With massage, we can relax those tendons and ligaments and muscles, we can improve circulation and we can get the wrist flexible again. Come see us at America's Wellness Clinic.

Terry Baker