All About Shoulder Pain by Dr. Marty | Lakewood, Colorado

Hi. I'm Dr. Marty. Do you have shoulder pain? Do you like not lift your shoulder up past here without it hurting? Is that your problem? I'm going to tell you this from experience. It may not be your shoulder. It could be this little groove right in here. It's called the SC joint. You got your sternum. You got your clavicle. If this isn't working right it will fire pain down your arm like a red-hot poker.

This happened to me when I was actually in school and nobody could figure out until somebody actually said, hey here's problem. They adjusted it twice. That was over 20 years ago. I have not had any shoulder pain. I always say you don't always have what you think you got. Everybody thought I had a shoulder problem. I had an CS problem. Come see me at America's Wellness Clinic.

Terry Baker