All About Sports Injuries by Dr. Marty in Lakewood, Colorado

I'm Jeff Claflin, here at America's Wellness Clinic. I'd like to talk to you today about injuries: sports injuries, at home injuries, any type of work-related injuries, from a neck injury, a chronic neck injury, chronic shoulder pain, chronic hip pain, chronic knee pain, chronic elbow pain, and also, all of these as they relate to acute injuries.

The best time to address any of these injuries is right away, as soon as possible, because then they are more minute, or they may be an indication of a previous injury you may have had and thought it went away. More than likely, it didn't go away. More than likely, it's still there to some degree. But even if it is an acute injury that's only happened this time, now is the time to address it. What we can do with the ARPwave is start teaching your neurological system how to teach your body to deal with all injuries, as they relate to your muscles functioning at their peak performance, at the point when you give them more stress than they're designed to take right at any given moment.

When you have an injury, you notice an injury, you're saying, "Okay, that's painful. What am I going to do about it?" I would recommend getting in as soon as possible. We do have Dr. Marty Kuhls, which is also a chiropractor if we need that kind of treatment in order to get your bones back aligned. We have a massage therapist, Jackie Coleman, if you would like to have massage therapy to help relax the muscles as they start ... as they're tensed up.

Then allow me to work with the ARPwave machine to clear the neurological pathways from your brain to the injured point, turn your muscles back on, like you're rebooting a computer. And, allow those muscles to now accept the force of the sport or the injury that ... what you were doing before the injury was there, so that you don't ever have it again. Then we can clear up that neurological pathway, and teach your muscles, teach your body, to function as it was many years before you had the injury.

So, if you have a neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, or neck pain, please see us first, and we'll get you back on the road to recovery permanently, so that you can feel good again. It's Jeff Claflin at America's Wellness Clinic.

Terry Baker