Dr. Marty The Importance Of Muscle Response Analysis Lakewood Colorado

Hi, I'm Dr. Marty. Have you ever heard of Muscle Response Analysis? I didn't think so, not many people have. Muscle Response Analysis is a muscle testing system that focuses in on vitamins, minerals, organs, and vital signs, what your blood pressure is. I do MRA testing, Muscle Response Analysis. It really focuses in on how to help people have a better future. Come see me, I'm Dr. Marty at America's Wellness Clinic.

Okay, so great. Say a little bit more about what that is. Is it a electrode you put on somebody, or what is it? 

Muscle Response Analysis is literally that. I'll take a regular group of muscles that I can test, we can use as a base, and I will two point, or contact organs like your liver, your spleen, your thyroid, and we can test that. With those tests I can determine if those organs are functioning properly, and what we need to do to support them. Sometimes nutritionally, sometimes just with Chiropractic care. Muscle Response Analysis done correctly, and I try and do it correctly, is 90% correct. I have a 90% success rate with Muscle Response Analysis.

Come see me in America's Wellness clinic. 

Terry Baker