According to the FDA, Adverse Drug Reactions are now the 4th leading cause of death in America, causing over 1 Million hospitalizations, and costing well over $136 billion dollars annually. With the advent of DNA testing, no longer does it have to be so!
A Pharmacogenetics (PGX) test starts with a simple, painless check swab sampling. Results will advise you about your unique genetic profile, for 90%+ of the prescription drugs you are now taking or could be prescribed in the future
The report tells you how your body uniquely metabolizes drugs, your risk for potential interactions, and makes suggestions to your health care provider for dosage changes or safer alternatives when prescribing.
This NEW paradigm truly provides your healthcare professional a tool for ‘Precision Prescribing’ as Cornell University calls it. The AMA call it “The Future of Medicine”. "The Mayo Clinic is a strong advocate of PGx testing". It avoids time-consuming trials of potentially ineffective or even possibly toxic drug prescribing, for each individual patient. PGX Testing is a once in a life time test, suitable for all specialties.
You will receive a card showing your unique results, that you can carry with you, for “personalized precision prescribing” everywhere you go.
Who Should Be Tested
Ideally, EVERYONE, but at the very least, test patients with the following scenarios:
Higher-than-standard dosages are required to achieve the desired results.
Severe adverse drug reactions have been observed.
Unexpected/unexplained response to medications.
Health issues in multiple organ systems.
Multiple drug types are being prescribed (polypharmacy), or for those drugs with a FDA “blackbox” warning.
Where Can You Get This Test?
You can get this done at Americas Wellness Clinic 303-985-4604
Make your appointment today! Why wait, when this information can be in your hands and available for your next visit with your health care provider.
How Is It Paid For?
Insurance reimbursement for the test varies from company to company, also depending on your medical issues, and what diagnostic code is appropriate to use for you. If your insurance does not pay for the testing, or if you do not have insurance coverage, there will be a reasonable “out of pocket” cash price that you can choose to pay.
How Can I Learn More?
Talk to one of us here on staff at Americas Wellness Clinic. We will be glad to answer your questions.